Memo to clients

Date: 14.12.2017 Hi all, Thank you all for showing faith in my abilities by following the investment advice given by me without iotest amount of doubt. I really mean it. Most difficult part of Investment Advisory business is setting up clients’ expectations. So let’s be very clear, Equities as asset class is wonderful ONLY if […]

Sound podcast: Market crash: boon or bane

Guys, Really sorry for sharing a sound podcast after longgg time… Today, I am sharing my thoughts through sound podcast: Market crash:Boon or bane Cheers and enjoy, With Love, Amit Gadre

Big milestone achieved…SEBI REGISTERED Investment Adviser..

Hey guys, so sorry for writing after lonnggggg time… Was busy in setting up some things in my life. Guysssss, Great news to share with you all. With blessings and love from everyone, I have become SEBI REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISER. A big responsibility indeed. Am quite confident about handling this crucial responsibility on my shoulders. […]

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Our Services

Wealth management

Wealth creation is wonderful journey, In this journey there are no short cuts.
If you really want to create wealth over long run (10+year horizon) ,believe in magic of compounding and don’t want to take unnecessary risks to achieve your financial goals, You are at right destination.

Primarily we prefer taking concentrated bets for the long term in high quality companies which are trading at discount to their intrinsic valuation currently. As preferred partner in your financial independence journey ,our primary goal is to protect your capital followed by goal to generate returns which should outperform the equity index return over the long term.

For inquiries about premium service of designing customized portfolio based on your Age, Financial goals, Risk profile, you can contact Founder of Midcapmantra, Mr. Amit Gadre, SEBI registered investment adviser.



It was great talking to the very humble @midcap_mantra,

Amit has no airs, love his simplicity. My best wishes to him for his new initiative.


I really like your conviction with calmness with wisdom at such a young age and humbleness with down to earth approach. To have financial management expertise is invaluable & that too selfless!!

I see you as one of youngest financial doctor in today’s time & for years to come.


About Founder

Amit Gadre
SEBI Registered Investment Adviser

He has around 15 years of stock markets experience. He is highly qualified; Mechanical engineer from VJTI, Mumbai & MBA from Symbiosis,Pune. He has experience of working in German Engineering Giant Siemens for 13 years. Headed important departments, Achieved his financial independence by saving aggressively,Investing prudently.

Founder focus on companies with solid fundamentals which are ignored by market and hence trade at lower valuations.He sincerely believes that the best way to create wealth in the stock market is to grab such stocks before they get expensive & popular. Margin of Safety:Protection from downside, Preservation of capital is of foremost importance thing for him and he follow it meticulously.