Why Us?

  • Qualification:Founder of Midcapmantra is Alumni of reputed institutes VJTI, Mumbai and Symbiosys, Pune. Vast experience of almost 15 years in Indian Equities and 13 years of Business experience as key management positions in German engineering giant, Siemens Ltd.
  • Investment philosophy:Investment philosophy is sound,robust and has been explained in detail in separate page.Click on the link to see it in detail: Investment Philosophy
  • Skin in the game approach:Founder believe in skin in the game approach. Clients won’t be suggested any scrip which is not held by Founder in his personal portfolio. This improves trust quotient between client and us significantly.
  • Concentrated portfolio:Founder believe in compounding wealth over long run with concentrated portfolio policy adopted by Investing Legends like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger. He has been practicing same approach over number of years and has accomplished financial independence.
  • In-depth knowhow of markets and sound networking:Founder being avid network connector, clients get edge over others through right selection of portfolio scrips funneled  through wide network.
  • No profit sharing model: Founder believe in non profit sharing model as profit sharing model severely reduces real profit earned by clients over long run. Opting for non profit sharing model also ensures that advisory will not take Unnecessary Risks just to earn higher revenue for possible higher profits through speculative bets.
  • No Annual Subscription fees: Members only pay one time membership fee and small percentage of assets as fee at the time of designing the financial plan or whenever the client is adding capital to the portfolio.
  • No distribution: Directly or indirectly we are not in any kind of distribution model. We don’t believe in charging indirect fees from clients as Mis-selling is natural consequence in that model.
  • No transactions through us: Your money is managed by you in your preferred brokerage firm based on design suggested by us. We don’t take your capital in our custody. This reduces risk of frauds / unethical pilferage of capital, providing de-risking for our clients.
  • Uniqueness: Our revenues are not tied us with Clients’ transactions. So clients are always ensured that unnecessary buying selling transactions does not happen with us. Our approach is to provide right advise, helping our clients in their financial independence, Providing right direction towards achieving financial goals. We are fee only advisory. No place for charging indirect fees in our business model.



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