Target Audience

Target Audience

Please ask the above question first.

This site is for you if :

  • You don’t go after hot money and hot sectors to get rich
  • You would rather go for likes of HDFCs or Tata like stories which will make you rich over the years rather than likes of 10 baggers in one year
  • If you can exercise loads of patience waiting for Mr. Market to work in your favour and have enough conviction that he will correct the folly he has created
  • You are aware about power of compounding 
  • You are ready to save today for investing and you are ready for delay the gratification for tomorrow’s fortune

If you are akin to person mentioned in the points above, read on… Else, I fear, this site is not suitable for you….

You need to sow seeds (invest regularly), plough (review),nurture(patience) ,water the plants (adding investments)….One day the plant will become TREE which will give you fruits(dividends), happiness (you can buy the dream cars, homes ), protection(Against ever-rising inflation) and ultimately WEALTH which will let you live as you wish !!!