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Hey guys,

Today on 03.08.2017 I have started new section: sound podcasts.

Many a people don’t enjoy reading articles. So here is a panacea. Sound podcast.

Enjoy the podcasts while you walk, you drive, you do all the mundane work and listen parallely at leisure.


1) Significance-of-high ROE

2) Understanding Economic Moat

3) Pump-and-dump-stories-Pitfalls

4) Market-is-full-of-misery

5) How-share-buyback-works

6) Investment-success-Staying-within-circle-of-competence

7) Special-sound-podcast-lord-ganesha-and-stock-markets

8) Spotting-potential-multibaggers-Training-the-mindset

9) Financial-freedom-through-magic-wand-Compounding

10) Interview/ discussion/ friendly-chat-with-fi

11) Market-crash-boon-or-bane

2 thoughts on “Sound podcasts

  1. Dear Mr. Amit All 11 sound podcasts are Very nice . Gives good information on how to orient mind set for Investing. Can you give elaborate/ give podcast on how to find estimte/ arrive at Value~Intrinsic value of comany after say ~4/5 Years. And how to Identify /Search for Compounding Machines… Girish C Bhagwat.E.G –L&T I am sure is compounding Machine . I bought few shares year ago but at each quarter result I am nervous and Not sure I they declare results better that Q on Q or Year on Year Basis

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