Investment Philosophy

Investment philosophy adopted by Midcapmantra Investment advisory is primarily guided by the value investing priciples which includes buying scrips at a discount to intrinsic valuation. The value investing theory is made popular by Legends Benjamin Graham,Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger. Whenever scrip is bought, we are not only buying the shares of the company, we are owning the company at fraction. So when we buy any scrip, we think as if we are owner of the business. Ignoring vagaries of Mr.Market, we stick to the right picks in good and bad times.

Tantrums of Mr. Market actually offer wonderful opportunities of  buying and selling scrips at discount/premium. The irrationality is primarily outcome of market fluctuations and pendulum swings from extreme pessimism to extreme optimism.

While selecting scrips in portfolios key points we consider are :
Margin of Safety, Economic Moat (Durability and sustenance), Quality and vision of Top management, Return on capital employed (and return of capital too ;-))

These chosen strict criteria help us to deliver superior returns over time. As said by Mr. Warren Buffett : “Time is the friend of the wonderful Company, the enemy of the mediocre”


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  1. Dear Mr Amit Gadre,

    Read an article about you recently on
    I was very much impressed with you & really appreciate your skill set.

    I am Anand Nadgir a native from Nagpur.
    I am an Electrical Engr from VRCE- Nagpur (now VNIT) 1996 batch.
    I am working in Qatar since 2007 & I am a NRI since 2005.
    I just started investments in Mutual funds two years back & I am still learning.
    I use for my investments through a demat account.

    Need your guidance & advise on Mutual Funds as I need to know the timing for investments in MF Equity largcap.
    Is this the right time to invest lumsum or wait for the downfall?

    Also would like to explore more about your membership & support.

    Please advise


    Anand M Nadgir
    Qatar Mobile number:- 00974 66754216

  2. Dear Mr.Amit Gadre
    Reached your web site after reading article about you on Money control.
    Very nice article. Nice to see you plan to be free by 40 and able to do by 35. I also had similar thoughs when I graduated from VJTI in 1991 but how times has moved on and I be 50 soon —-Kalalech nahi ~I guess kept on revising targets.You are simply great .Hope to get Inspired by you & Your Blogs on your website.

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