Very kind words from even very dear friend….

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Hey guys, how is life? How are you all doing? Hope everyone is compounding with me, spreading love and joy to others…. Today, one of my very dear frind (Fundamental_Investor) wrote an excellent article which made me speechless..Truly humbled. Do read it….For sure, you will love it. Link: wealth-creation-in-largecaps Share with me how you felt…

Market is full of misery….

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Stock market in particular is a fascinating place … For most of the market participants, its their bread earner…. People (Especially fund managers) love to boast about their “Beating the market” history … The business they get is by “drumming their own trumpet” across to attract naive money pouring machines (naive investors)…This ‘beating’ thing has […]

Portfolio holdings: Vijay Kedia

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Vijay Kedia, 56, India’s one of the most successful stock market investor who made 200 Cr starting from Rs. 35,000. He is a common man with an uncommon intelligence. His stock market strategy and investment style is followed by many investors.He is an inspiration for many investors who are seeking success from the stock market. […]