5 Must-know ratios For Investors

debt to equity ratio

1. Price-to-Earnings RatioWhile the price-to-earnings ratio (also known as the P/E ratio or earnings multiple) is likely one of the best-known fundamental ratios, it’s also one of the most valuable. The P/E ratio divides a stock’s share price by its earnings per share to come up with a value that represents how much investors are […]

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Market crash….Boon or bane?

market crash

What’s so good about the stock market plunging? Well, it present big bargains, offering lots of high-quality stocks at suddenly lower prices. It’s a relatively common occurrence, too, so be prepared for many downturns during your investing life. Markets crash all the time. You should, at minimum, expect stocks to fall at least 10% once […]

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Portfolio of value investor Anil Kumar Goel

Anil kumar goel

Dear investor community,Hereby I will be mentioning some of the portfolio of stock market wizards…..One of them whom I respect a lot is Mr.Anil Kumar Goel. Mr. Anil Kumar Goel is renowned value investor in Indian equitites and his portfolio holding can give some good candidates for further research. Out of the below names, I […]

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Importance of ECONOMIC MOAT.

economic moat

The idea of an economic moat refers to how likely a company is to keep competitors at bay for an extended period. One of the keys to finding superior long-term investments is buying companies that will be able to stay one step ahead of their competitors, and it’s this characteristic..think of it as the strength […]

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