Big milestone achieved…SEBI REGISTERED Investment Adviser..

Hey guys, so sorry for writing after lonnggggg time…
Was busy in setting up some things in my life.

Guysssss, Great news to share with you all.

With blessings and love from everyone, I have become SEBI REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISER.

A big responsibility indeed.
Am quite confident about handling this crucial responsibility on my shoulders.

Let me take this opportunity to THANK every one of you who have loved me and showed confidence in me from the day one.

Keep loving guys,  Big Cheers.


27 thoughts on “Big milestone achieved…SEBI REGISTERED Investment Adviser..

  1. Congratulations! This is great news.

    What you've done so far has been a great service to the investment community. Wish you could continue this free service backed by your "skin in the game" approach.

    Good luck to whatever it is that you are planning to venture out after this.

  2. Congrats Chilax Bro,

    at this special moment. Please share any new multibagger idea with our blog followers.

    Bhai I am really happy to hear this news.

    May God bless you lots of success and happiness in your life.

  3. A very big congrats. Hard has been aptly rewarded. Cheers and I say it with a beer. Would love to get some rewarding information on your blog. Congratulations, again. Regards.

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