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Interview/Discussion/Friendly chat with FI

Hey guys, First of all, Happy Dassehara to all of you, Let all of you enloy all the wealth and health in the world and let you along with your family members live happily forever.

Today, I am presenting herewith is the interview/Discussion/Friendly chat with one of the lovely friend and human being Fundamental Investor.


Hope, you will definitely enjoy the hearing and as investors, you will find lots of value  in the discussion.


31 thoughts on “Interview/Discussion/Friendly chat with FI

  1. Sir recently I came to know your blog.podcast is simply superb.
    I want start invest in equity and want to know your sense on sintex plastics and aditya birla capital for 3-4 yrs time frame, thanks in advance

  2. Hi Amit,

    Mine is a very basic question I guess but din't find a relevant answer. The market cap of REC at IPO launch was INR 1639 crores but now it stands at INR 30k crores without a subsequent rise in share price. I believe there are many such stocks like that. What's the reason- Promoter diluting equity or is there anything else?

    Can you please reply? Please do a podcast on a similar thing if you think it would help the investing community.


  3. My investments are pfs @40 Suzlon at 16, satin @ 325,arman @ 200,Bhandari @2.6, Deccan gold @ 52 ( bad buy), rattan power @10 , kpit at 100, south Indian bank @20,sun pharma @580, lupin at 1200, marksanw pharma @48,IDFC @60, ujaas at 35, Dena @48, the only thing wrong with my portfolio is I believe it's too risky, believe my next investments should be in your top 5 holdings. Would that improve the portfolio quality? Or should I sell a few at a loss and recoup via your compounding machines 🙂 do advise on portfolio quality and restructuring

  4. Sir, I have been holding Ashok Alco-chem for more than a year. Now it seems, the fundamental of the company seems is deteriorating, debt is going up, revenue quiet down. Moving forward the bottom line will get effect due to higher interest rate (if revenue doesnt go up) compared to earlier years. Do you think, its time to exit this stock?
    Thank you and best regards

  5. Hey Amit, I asked you this on twitter(openly) sorry for that, I Want to invest 5-6L please 5-6 stock from your tracking list, which can grow better than others

  6. Hi chilox br..
    Hope everything fine..please comment on pel board meeting. ..saw the link about qip rights issue and merger….as of my knowledge those r not listed still…all under pel right…please explain outcome. …any idea on results date br?

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