24 thoughts on “Financial freedom through magic wand : Compounding

  1. Sir,
    I hold 10000 shares of PTC india financial service on average price of 37. Can i still buy and add? What is your overall opinion on PTC Financial Service as of current date?

  2. Very good podcast Amit..Keep posting.

    If one had to invest all his capital in 3-4 stocks for a longer period of time, which stocks would you suggest?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  3. Hi Amit, Your podcasts are amazing but TBF I enjoyed your writing more. Especially the stock analysis and your thoughts on financial independence. Good job. Keep it up. I always refer your blog to my colleagues and friends. Some of them are really surprised to see that a person in his 30's has become financially independent by investing over 15 years or so in quality scrips.

  4. Hi Amit,

    I am following you at your twitter account. You have good source of knowledge for investing and I really appreciate your efforts and you really inspire us.
    I am a beginner in this field and I am really interesting to learn and get to know more about this. Please give us some suggestion for stock picking. It will really helpful for us.
    I have 750 shares of Adani power but Adani Power has too much debt. Should I continue or leave from this stage.
    I have invested money in stocks for my son’s education planning purpose. My waiting period is more than 15 years.
    Please suggest.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Samir Mansuri

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