Fear is friend of courageous investor..

Gloom. One decision by government of demonetisation and world fell apart for some stocks. Microfinance companies,housing finance companies,NBFCs fell down like pack of cards after 8th November…
Market corrected to 8000 levels. Portfolios trimmed down anywhere between 20-30% …
Investors are really clueless what’s happening.
What happened exactly?

Nothing much. Did fundamentals change? No.
What changed exactly?
Markets don’t like uncertainty. Uncertainty makes fiis panicky and with election over in US and possible rise in interest rates FIIs are fleeing out…

What should we retail investors do?
Stick with quality. Has fundamentals changed overnight? No. Market oscillates like pendulum and comes to balance after turmoil settles.
Advice: Relax,sit back. If you have investible surplus, buy quality stocks which have corrected to the tune of 15-30% in just 10 days.
Stay invested,stay calm,we are in multi year mega bull run.
Happy investing, Chilax

13 thoughts on “Fear is friend of courageous investor..

  1. Dear Bro,

    Thanks for your valuable info, it's give more confident for me in current market condition. your are really great !!

    Please advice for below said stocks shall i enter in CMP or i have to wait still market will see correction.

    i want to add this good stocks in my portfolio.

    Dewan housing finance ,Indiabulls housing finance,yes bank & piramal enterprises

    Great service & keep going !! & Keep rocking

    Have a good day!!


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