Thank you very much !!!

Hello friends,
Hope you all are having great time in your life….
Sincere thanks to Moneycontrol message board for giving me necessary platform to have many great co-boarders with whom I grew my investment career.
On moneycontrol message board , I could regularly reach to my followers , but old posts used to get diminished in flood of lacs of posts daily by thousands of boarders.

To reach to broader audience, and not to loose old posts, I decided to start a blog
where I can reach to larger audience whom I can share my investment ideas and philosophy.It was just a novice experiment from my side…

Sunday, 24 January 2016, It was the day, I wrote my first post on the blog….”Midcapmantra”.

Surprisingly, the growing traffic each day has helped to serve the purpose of reaching out to a large number of people.

Really what amazes me to see visitors flags from whopping different 36 countries across globe !!!
Thanks for crossing major milestone of 20,000 visitor count for this blog in just matter of 50 days from the day when the blog started !!!
What a coincidence, this milestone achievement has come on a day when I am celebrating my marriage anniversary !!!
It has all been possible because of the love you people have showered on me during these days which has inspired me to keep on writing.

I would like to take this opportunity and say a ” BIG THANK YOU” to each one of you.
You have been the pillar of strength for this blog and reason for every post shared over here..
As I have always said, this blog is for sharing and caring, growing together !
“Value investing videos” and “Must read books for investors” pages are very very important for new comers and even for seasoned investors !
Through “Contribute” page,you can also share some of the great writing skills in you and it will help to come out ‘a blogger’ inside each one of you… If found good, Your articles will be shared with all due credit given to you…
Once again, I appreciate you spending time on this blog and sharing your valuable comments time to time…

Lets continue this journey, TOGETHER !!!


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